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2005-12-05 14:36:13 (UTC)

sub diary 05-12-05


well i dont know where to start. i have fucked up big time
today. it seems everytime i think i am doing the right
thing by Master i stuff it up some how. Wwe were to talk
via phone today and in the past i have just rang Master
only to find He is online. Master has ordered that i must
log into a computer before ringing to make sure that all is
fine to talk on phone. today i followed this and it seems
that this was wrong. i was not to log on first this time.
my last chat to Master i dont recall Him telling me that my
contact order had changed. i feel like a complete loser
now. i have to learn to listen more. i have caused Master
to sit around for hours waiting for my call. i have
misunderstood several offlines as well. i must be losing
my mind somehow. maybe it is the heat that is getting to
me and the added lack of sleep with my small charges. i
just cant get over what a complete stuff up i am.

slave jess (MJ}

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