slave jess

Journal of Joels slave
2005-12-05 13:08:12 (UTC)

sub diary 04-12-05


the heat here is terrible and the tiny cabin i am in isnt
insulated so it is quite warm. it is air conditioned but
the problem with that is that it is connected to my door
key so if i am nothome the air con isnt on then it takes
ages to cool off. but a few more days! i managed to chat
to Master a couple times last night. when i returned
Master seemed to think that it wasnt me but someone else on
line...i guess it was because i was a little cheeky when i
returned. Wwe organised to chat and then talk on
sunday/monday. my sister rang to say she had chatted with
Master online. this has me a little concerned. i just cant
trust her 100%. things have been a little tense in my
family lately and she has been stirring it up more.
sometimes i think she just wants to be the centre of
attention. i do hope all is resolved by xmas day so that i
can spend my last xmas in australia with my happy that too much to wish for?

my aunt is doing ok still. she looks terrible as they have
her on steroids as well as her doing her chemo each week.
she looks so bloated and she needs constant help now. she
cant bathe or dress herself. she still has use of her arms
and can stand briefly but eventually she will be a
quadrapedic due to the cancer in the base of her spine. i
might visit her and take her some flowers tomorrow. i dont
like cut flowers myself but i am sure my aunt will and they
might brighten her up a little.

i love You Master
slave jessica {MJ}