Aimee (Toby)

Confessions of a tard
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2005-12-04 19:03:19 (UTC)

hangover hell!

Oh holy jesus! I have bin sick sooo many times plus I am
delightfully covered in Andys vomit - thanks mate ! lol :P

From last night I have learnt . . .

1) Don't give Andy vodka
2) Don't hug people when they are covered in sick
3) Don't leave cigarettes near drunk non-smokers!
4) Don't ket Sam pee in fromt of you!
5) Don't cry when one is NOT wearing waterproof mascara
6) Rich looks good in my top
7) Don't let wasserfield strip to his boxers
8) Don't faint
9) Don't eat after horrific drinking night.
10) Alcohol makes you want to shag everyone!
11) Fags taste like weetabix!

Sally - thank you, love you - your a great friend and you
know why!
Laura.S. - no worries all forgiven. don't carry any guilt.
Rach - Ditto and cheers for the party.
Rachs' parents - Thanx for the bacon sarny (even if it did
end up in the loo!)
Rich - you should go H and M and buy that top!
Wasserfield - PUT SOME CLOTHES ON!!!!
Sam - what?
Laura.K. - nice skirt!
Pricey - need we say anything?
Pete - Don't put your head in the washing machine! And
sorry about stroking your stomach hairs!
Hope and Chris - AWW
Alex - :)
Tom - didn't speak to you much but meh
Dawson - chill mate!
Andy - Don't drink vodka - not near me anyway! and your

I think thats it, If I missed anyone out - sorry :)