The First Tear

TEars: Good and Bad
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2005-12-04 03:23:12 (UTC)

Happy....I think

Dear Diary

Hey it's me. Well, I spent the night with Cody again last
night. It was fun. WE watched some movie called "ClockWork
Orange" It was...interesting to say the least. I dunno I
think I liked it. lol. Anywyas, yeah. So, we had sex
again. lol. Still he didn't cum. I"m getttin' kind of
worried. I mean I hope it's nothing I'm doing wrong. He
says it's not. I hope so. lol.

We had a formal last night at the BCM. It blew. lol The
food was bad. He mad eme an orniment though. That was so
sweet. lol. Tricia got so pissed at Randy again. I dunno.
that girl is so high maintaninace. I wish she would just
get over it all. It's really quite pathetic how she treats
him. I told Cody that if I EVER got to that then tell me
or slap me or something. lol.

the only thing that's really bugging me about mine and
Cody's relationship is...last night he was just joking
but, he kept talking to Amanda and acting like he was
flirting. It worries me only because i Know how he feels
about brown heads and he likes those better. I trust him.
I know it's just petty shit and it shouldn't ug me in the
least. It does a little. I dunno. It's no enough to even
mention it to Cody. I will if it gets worse or if it bugs
me more caus I promised I would say something if I had a
problem so...I will. Yeah but, I think we're pretty
happy. I feel so contented when I'm with him. We talked
about that last night and some people say ove is the best
feeling...I think contentment is the best. Anyways,
rambling now. lol

So...yeah I think I'm gonna go now. Tricia just left with
Randy and I'm left here alone. Oh well. It's all good I'll
wait for him to call..I think Joey is supposed to call
too. Ah wel. I'll write back later. bye bye

Love ya lots