2005-12-02 20:53:58 (UTC)

new stuff

hey me again, im back i know it hasnt been that long but
it feels like forever. i guess theres not alot thats new a
have a boyfriend his name is Logan i met him through
Taunia, hes looks like Marco from degrassi but yeah oh
wiat i now realize that i have mentioned him before... in
my last entry but yeah. hes a cutie. he made me a picture
it was so cute i dont know which i like more the picture
or the fact that he made me a picture so wendsday started
off awesome got reallie fucked in the middle and ended
reallie good, i guess that whole waiting two months to
have sex in a relationship thing kinda died but oh well i
enjoyed it but i guess thats all for now so yeah i will
write back later or when i get access to a computer
again... oh yeah Ian and Danielle... yeah i dont even know
what to say to that we all went out for coffee. me
Danielle and toni wow i was amazed we actually had a
reallie good time. but yeah i will talk to you later.
Forever Falling: Meagan. R