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2001-10-09 17:21:24 (UTC)

Rainy days

So I have began to look forward in my life. For the first
time ever. No more regrets, of course I would change a
thing or two but I did what I did and I am accepting of
that. NOw is the time for change and growth in my life. I
have enrolled in school under fire science and have a new
beau who thinks I am special. My daughter on the other hand
is as anwry as ever. Potty training is a bitch. So is
living with my mom who thinks I cannot raise my daughter
properly. Chloe constantly defies me because grandma will
bail her out. But I have asperations. I have gained a son
in this relationship. I have always wanted a boy. I want to
open my own business, a coffee and espresso place. If the
econmy doesn't drop any further anyways. God bless those
lost at the twin towers and lost to the anthrax. We will
win and in due tima I am sure. Godbless our boys and women
out there fighting, we think of you often.

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