No time for love Dr. Jones
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2005-12-02 10:26:44 (UTC)

Open up your mind, open up your vault, never never gonna lose it

So, random thoughts...

I was surfing and I thought of Mayra. Don't know why. I
don't even know what's happened with her. On eof the best
friends I've ever had, she disappears and all I hear about
is how maybe she's a drug fiend and murderer. How good a
friend am I?

I am so stuffed at the moment. I've been burning the
candle at both ends, and I can really feel it now.
Belinda's been working heaps, so I've been going out to
keep myself occupied. Band practice three times in the
last week, geez that's a long way. Anyway, haven't gone to
bed before midnight in a few nights, plus not having Tony
at work is killing me. I want so desperately to sleep now,
I have to go and help dad pave the pergola area tomorrow
at 7am, but i feel... weird.

I feel like if I'm not awake, doing something, I'm wasting
time. I hate this feeling, I just want to sleep, but I
can't bring myself to do it. At least I'm doing something
useful (nyert!).

On a seperate note, they hung Van Ngyuan today. Bully for
the Singapore government, way to back up what you said
you'd do. Hopefully people will realise you're not fucking