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2005-12-01 14:54:30 (UTC)


I need to find an appartment soon! I want my own place!!
Now I just read trught everything I could find on the
internett and nothings good enught, whats wrong with me?
I know it takes time, but it allready has.
If I cant find anything statidfying, should I just settle
with less then? Hmm.

I`ve been thinking about the call Im waiting form lately.
Im excited. I have these hopes and dreams (as always) but
for the first time in my life I think I will be ok if they
dont come true, even though I hope.
I mean, whay does he REALLY want from me??? I will give
him that, I wont run anymore. I never wanted to anyway,
but thought I had to. I know better now.
If only I could get a home, yeye..