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2005-12-01 13:32:22 (UTC)

Tiffy's Diary-The unknown chapter 11

Well...I think a person will lost sth when they got
another thing...Do U think so? U cant have both things U
want at a time...cause the world dont let U do so...
I dont have anymore best friends...but I have a nice
teacher(hope so) ...who is willing to understand more
about me...(plz last for a longer period of time..dont
leave me so soon)...

My best friend had gone away...far away from me...I think
I am in a different world with her now...even though we
are in the same class... we seem to be like people from
different world... Sometimes...people will only think that
I was the one who did wrongly all the times...I dont mind
(100% true)...cause God know who did wrongly /
we dont need to tell others that we are inoccent...maybe
people will think I am not saying the truth...I cant help
them either...they have the choice to choose whether to
trust me or not/// if they trust me ... they are really my
true friends...if not...they are just some of my fake
friends ....

Even though I didnt did wrongly ...but my ex-best friend
blamed me...I did really reply her that I didnt do
anything wrong..(though I was extremely furious)...cause I
know that even I told her what I think... she still think
I was the wrong one... so I chose not to tell her what I
think and let her know who is the one who did wrongly
(maybe I am not the one who is right)...

I think if a person really want to be friend with me..they
will try their best to accept my dismerits..^V^ those are
true friends..but not those who accept me at first..and
then left me because of my mistakes(or their
mistakes)...lastly..they broke my heart and my dream...

Well..Janice..I think our friendship should end here...I
know this is really a short period of time...but I think
we have many happy memories to remember and enjoy for some
time...try and find a better friend than me... In my
opinion...I am sure..that U can find a group of best
friends very soon.. or maybe U have already found them...

Ur bad miffy.