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2005-11-30 17:21:16 (UTC)

@ school and bored

hey its me again i know twice in one day eh? but im bored i
dont reallie have all that much to say right now probobly
just gunna be endless ramblings of nothing but you know
that happens sometimes. im in drama right now and i
finished my charactar sketch so yeah im like just not
reallie doin anything. Taunias here too. she gave me Logans
number i was all like... YEAH. its awesome so yeah omg i
thought that codys cousin was just all like i dont know you
know like one of those guys that tries to sound like he
knows what hes talking about but he is actually kinda
intelagent. but you know i dont know he has reallie strong
veiw points and i respect that i dont know he seems like a
nice guy and i guy i wouldnt mind being friends with so
yeah again i say not much goin on. yeah i was just sitting
here talkin bout movies and i dont know i remembered Ian
and the night i watched man on fire. god thats like all ive
been doin latly is looking back i dont know why not that
its so bad im reallie not minding it at the moment but then
agian i keep looking back to Ian and Scott and right now i
dont want to be looking to the future cause when all your
doin is looking back you can jeperdize whats goin on now
and its not fair to Logan if i do that cause he deserves a
chance. but i leave you now with a poem that i wrote last
night once again like always about Scott.

Nothing left to do nothing left to do

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