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2005-11-30 15:21:55 (UTC)

boys...mostly scott and logan

hey its me again sorrie i havent written in a while i
havent been all that busy honestly i dont know where all
my time has gone lately. So i met a boy... His name is
Logan he seems reallie nice he reallie seems like a
sweetheart you know like he wouldnt hurt me but then again
Scott seemed the same way. and you know what reallie gets
to me is that he doesnt think you hurt me like i dont get
it how would that not have hurt like i just dont
understand you know what whatever i still reallie care
about him and everything but im not the one he wants to be
with so u know whatever. i am so sick of missing him at
this point i just wish i could feel anything but what im
feeling right now i dont wanna miss him anymore and i dont
wanna sit there and wonder if i will ever have a chance
with him again cause i know i wont and i know he doesnt
care but for some reason that doesnt stop me from goin
over to his place and hanging out with him and Eric and
whoever else might be hanging out there. or from phoning
at night when ive had a bad day and need to talk to
someone although hes never home or sleeping or just doesnt
want to talk to me most of the time. i dont know why i
keep trying and honestly its getting pathetic. but i dont
know hes always the first person i think to phone when im
having a bad day or when something happens or when im
excited i dont know why but him and ian are the first
people i always think about. and even after he hurt me i
still trust him thats the even stupider thing that i jsut
dont understand. oh yeah now that one guy... Logan...
likes me now more have to follow of course but not the
ones i want. now i have dave cave i dont know if he
actually likes me or not but he kissed me. then there is
jon fast who keeps asking me out. theres Logan who yeah i
do like, theres Cody april who i dont know i think he
likes me but ive been warned about him by a couple people
and yeah. of course the guys i want to want me dont like
Scott he doesnt think of me like that anymore then theres
Kenny he still loves Taunia but yeah at least logan likes
me but thats about all for now so i will right back later
Forever Falling: Meagan. R

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