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2005-11-30 15:12:47 (UTC)

Star-bar boy

Hey guys, hows shit? Guess what? I'm a member of tha Star
now, yas! So everyone keep going to the Star please.

On placement this week which makes me constantly tired but
I'm back shift tomorow, meaning I can have a lie in so I'm
gonna get drunken tonight. Had three exams last week which
went really well, thank god. Kinda worried about my
psychology exam on Friday though. College is still going
great, I love it!

Last weekend was quite good. I got trashed on Friday night
and was working on saturday night then went to a party and
helped develop a new game called 'destruction livingroom'
which is the best game ever. Think I might try and get it
into the olymics :p

Still getting along well with Ashleigh. Shes all better
now. I went to the ciname with her on friday night and saw
Flightplan or something like that. Been doing a lot of
thinking about what to get her for christmas, think I've
decided now though.

Can't wait 'til I get my next bursary in, gonna go out
clubbing in Glasgow again...I've decided to do that as
much as possible and take Graham Young lol! It's usually
pretty fucking hilarious. Wanna go to the Arches sometime
soon though.

Right, I'm offski, see ya!

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