slave jess

Journal of Joels slave
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2005-11-30 13:43:23 (UTC)

sub diary 29-11-05


we are being bombarded with sever storm. i normally dont
worry about storms but at the moment i am staying in a
small unit in a tourist park. the sounds around me are
scaring me no end. i wish Master was here to hold me
close. i was suppose to call Master this afternoon but
with all the wind & rain & power flucuations i didnt want
to risk being on the phone. i debated with myself for
ages if to risk it but there were warnings on the radio
only to make necessary calls. this was kind of a
necessary call but i think they refered to more calls that
cant wait.

Master has told me that He is there for me anytime i need
to talk and i really need to talk but i sucks big
time. Master used to leave me emails from work but i
guess with Him knowing i am without internet access He
doesnt see the need to do it now. if only He knew how,
when i do manage some time even if only a few minutes the
places i look for contact from him are my emails, offlines
and even in either my or his diary. but nothing. i can &
i will handle this.

i am still feeding my babies. how big they are getting. i
think they think i am their mother because as soon as i
open their box they open their mouths for a feed. and they
are little pigs too. they eat so much but feeding is
quicker now they are getting older.

sorry got to go. will post again when i can. Master just
sent me a short message...i am so happy now.

i love You Master
love to all
slave jess {MJ}