breaking away
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2005-11-30 03:02:11 (UTC)

and were back!!!

so NYC was the cooleest shit ever!! guh so much fun!! but
yea I dont think I have ever been so cold in my life!! I
thought I was going to like die!! we had so much fun with
everyone! I loved my group!! weel except for the fact that
norma wanted to go in every damn store and well.. yea I dont
know why she sigend up with us.. :S. she didnt evern know us
real well.. so yea... hmm.. alot of drama.. well with eca
and trey.. yea they are over!! LMAO.. well thats a long
story to go on about.. and alot of new or going to be new
couples.. not too sure about that one.. hmm.. but anyways
about the parade!! a blast!! WOW!! I loved it.. except for
the fact we had a morning rehersal at like 3:40 in the
morning... very cold and tierd!! once the rehersal was over
we all got back on the bus and slept for 3 hrs or so.. and
then it was finally the real thing.. we have waited for so
long.. and now it was finally here! I was so excited..
knowing that we are the only ones in texas doing.. wow.. it
shocked me right then and there wher I took my first step on
the parade side walk... we got alot of compliments and stuff
and the crwod liked our selcetions... para los Rumberos, hey
baby, and on broadway... once the prade was over and all of
the excitment was let loose about the parade we had a
thanksgiving dinner! yum! and OMG!! it snowed while were
over there!! AHH!! super funny I went out in a short sleeve
and shorts!! super freaking cold... my legs were numb!!! all
in all it was one of the best experiences of my life!! I
would do it over and over if I could!!.. that person is
still in my head alot.. esspecially throughyt out the trip
since I was with him alot so yea.. I dont know still what
too do.. my time is ticking and ticking.. and will blow
anytime now.. :(

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