No time for love Dr. Jones
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2005-11-29 13:52:00 (UTC)

Dress me up in stitches it's now or never, I'm tired of wearing black & blue

I’m so frustrated. I’ve found some definite (and
upsetting) limits to my musical talent. Now that I’m doing
this project with Greg, and I’ve written some half decent
lyrics to some half decent songs, I’d really like to have
a crack at singing. However, driving over there tonight
has shown me why it’s not such a good idea.

Cruising along, listening to my walkman, cranking some
nice tunes, I tried to sing along. While I thought I
wasn’t too bad, after a few songs my voice started to
strain and things started going downhill. Problem is, I
don’t think I sound too bad when I start, but then when I
go over my limit, it starts sounding REALLY bad.

None of this is helped by certain criticisms I’ve received
over time. Firstly mum told me not to try out for a
singer’s position a few years ago. That was a bit of a
shock, but probably for the best in the end, because I
realise now that I’ve actually learnt a lot in the last
year or so regarding technique and control. Secondly, both
Belinda’s have told me I’m not that great a singer. I’m
still not sure if either (or both) were only joking, as
they both said they were after they realised they hurt my
feelings, but sometimes people say things in a joking
manner when they really mean it.

Maybe none of this is a real problem, maybe none of it’s
meant to be. I know Hairy Rob doesn’t think much of my
voice. Maybe all these feelings will just make for some
decent frustration lyrics?

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