Nick's Journal
2005-11-28 15:02:42 (UTC)

The World Just Hates Black People

as usual i mismanaged my time. i showed up at the train
station about 30 minutes before my train was scheduled to
leave. no problem, it was only the wednesday before
thanksgiving and of course, all hell was breaking loose
around me. i decided to head over to the cd store and see
what new no-name camera mugging rapper had a new cd out
that would flop within a couple of days. i hate the store
too because the aisles are so damn small i really can't
move around without bumping into someone. i finally
decided that this wasn't for me and headed out the exit.
i went through those two pillars of security at the same
time this young (very thug looking) black guy went
as we both went through the alarm went off. and i swear,
within .092 seconds someone was all over the black guy.
they had grabbed him (well not really grabbed, but kind of
put a hand on) and took his bag from him. they found the
culprit, a cd that had been paid for but i guess hadn't
been de-magnetized. i shrugged and walked out the store as
the employee seemingly was satisfied with what he had found.
then all hell really broke loose.
"wait a sec. whoa man, you ain't gonna even check him?"
with this he thumbed over at me, by now i was standing on
the other side of the security pillars and i decided it was
best i just take off my backpack before jesse jackson
showed up and cried a river.
the employee (who was black by the way), looked at me and
"nawh, i found what was the problem."
"yeah but that don't mean that he ain't go a cd on him. i
mean look at his bag."
"yeah, but he also went through the doh just now and it
didn't go off now did it?"
with the way he had said doh and the exasperation apparent
in his face i figured it was my time to boogey on out of
i went over to the starbucks to calm my frazzled mind with
a caffeine laden gingerbread latte. i wish the damn thing
didn't sound so fucking gay. i mean what's worse than
ordering a "venti gingerbread latte", atleast i don't shake
my cock around and make them put soy milk and tearduct
juice in the fucking thing like all those other fags.
anyhow there i am dropping 4.20 for the coffee and i head
on over to the place where they "create" it.
i'm standing there as the young black guy making my coffee
when all of a sudden he started shaking. at first i
thought he was being a jive turkey and dancing around when
all of a sudden he went completely stiff and hit the ground
shaking like a current of electricity was flowing through
him. apparently he was having a seizure.
and man oh man people aren't good at keeping their
composure. the girl that was working with him was wailing
like it was the end of the world
"awh my gawh, awh my gawhd, he dyin, he dyin." finally
some guy that knew what he was doing came over and did
whatever it is you do to people who have seizures. now i
figured by the time the doctor was tending to the guy, the
other girl at the coffee creation center would be able to
finish up my gingerbread latte.
no chance.
she was still wailin and flailin like it was giong out of
style. i looked at my watch and realized that i had about
2 mins. before my train left. with a heavy heart and not
without an attempt to get her attention to maybe finish my
coffee, i decided to cut my losses and head home.
atleast, i think that money went to charity.

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