Kalamity K

The Daily Chaos of Kalamity K
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2005-11-26 04:56:45 (UTC)

The Fates are conspiring against us, dear diary...

Yeah...god. All I wanted to do was come in here and relax
into a few entries, - two of which were going to be
extremely upbeat and ridiculously happy for one such as me
(!) - but it seems that yet again the Fates are conspiring
against us, dear diary. [-sigh-] I have my period and
was already suddenly exhausted because of it, and have
been increasingly tired since the middle of the afternoon
because of it, but after an unfortunate and draining
incident an hour ago, I'm super-wiped and just screaming
for bed. I will write more about everything later, I
will, I promise. Just for now, know that I had been
planning on giving you something good to report, for once,
doll. :)

Sleep well...I'll see you soon.


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