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2005-11-26 04:55:27 (UTC)

a weird dream and a headache

woke at at 12noon today... gosh... i have been sleeping
really a lot lately, especially considering that this is the
EXAMS period. my head is still throbbing today...

i had a weird dream last night. it's about gary kiew... i
don't know why i dreamt about him... maybe i have a secret
crush on him which i don't even realise or maybe he's just a
guy i see quite a lot yet talk very often. i dreamt about
him asking me to be his girlfriend. and me questioning why
he asked me to. something like: do you really like me or do
you ask me because you want to have a girlfriend and not be
lonely anymore. i don't know. what a stupid answer right.
and honestly, i think he's cute. if he really does so in the
real life, i'll make it a point to answer with a clap and a
resounding YES! haha... but then again, he'll never ask me,
so yeah, keep it to myself, this is a dream and will always
be one.

i guess this dream is because what i have written yesterday
in my diary. the things about relationship thing. oh well.

i have decided to make this diary public again. i believe it
has been sometimes since a friend found out about this. and
i change my user name.

i want people to read this diary... it's kinda sharing your
life with strangers. however, i don't wish for anyone i know
to read this though because it will take the fun out of
writing diaries. i don't want to censor any of my thoughts
or feelings. i would just put it as it is. i will be truly
honest even if it is only in this diary.

it helps a lot to write a diary. i'm struggling with a lot
of areas in my life... some troubles just persists on year
by year... it does not help that i've lost my faith.

but it's ok. i'll be ok. i'll find my happiness. i'll not
give up.

on a side note, i hate it when people borrow my things and
never return them. i hate it too when it takes them light
years to return. gosh, at least give me a reminder.

that's why i refrain from lending anything to tessie
anymore. she doesn't return things, that one i am sure. my
peterpan cd, my da vinci code, my "teach yourself jap".
gosh, enough already people! gimme back my stuffs!

on another side note, i haven't talked to kresna for few
weeks since he said those mean words. not going to start
talking though, which makes me wonder how i am going to get
my book back. dammit.

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