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Journal of Joels slave
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2005-11-25 22:47:37 (UTC)

sub diary 25-11-05


end of the normal week. it is thanksgiving where Master is
and i dont fully understand. i know He is spending time
with family today. i had hoped to be able to chat to
Master today but i wasnt able to find the time. Master
left me several offline messages when He got home. it
saddened me to know that He had been online waiting for me
to appear and i didnt show. He has a few days off and i
have to move. life sucks sometimes...just kidding Master
but You understand :P

i am still busy trying to pack, move, feed orphans as well
as the house mates. they all think i am wonder woman i am
sure. it is tiring me out alot but i guess i could say
no. maybe i need to be needed. hmmmm let me think about
that. this is something that i should discuss with Master.

i have to work this week end but i hope to have monday to
sit back and relax if i get all my stuff moved. how can i
fill the day??? i wonder!!!! any suggestions Master.

love You Master,
slave jess {MJ}

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