Jack's Twisted Kingdom
2005-11-25 02:34:30 (UTC)

indelible ink

written in stone? paved in blood, sweat or tears?


I'm not entirely sure, but I come to the conclusion
that I simply have to stop placating people..

if there's one thing I can't stand doing, is lying
to people, over bullshit nothing that doesn't matter
to anyone except themselves..

I mean, I don't answer the phone. for just about
anyone, unless I live on my own, have my own phone
and know that it's someone I actually want to talk
to or with..

but whining about not answering my phone? fuck off.
get a life, realize the world doesn't actually revolve
around you, and I have things to do..

or, I'm fucking SLEEPING!! Holy shit.. you'd think I
was the most important person on the planet..

guess what, I'm not. sorry to disappoint.

I'm not perfect.

damned if I don't wish I was... this new group of
people I'm hanging out with.. nice people, but they're
giving me this weird vibe.. and I can't figure out
what it is.. maybe I'm too weird for them...

or simply too me.. fuck, 9:30pm, and I'm exhausted..

at least this week I'm not waking up at 7pm, or going
to sleep at 8pm... last night I finally go to sleep at
10... my sleeping patterns should resolve themselves
sooner or later...

where's a girl to wrap my arms around and slumber into
the void of waking dreams? far away, methinks...