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2005-11-23 16:18:07 (UTC)

me & ben have just being..

me & ben have just being talking about lg/sara, and how
fucking charming the pair of them are becoming. we've come
to the conclusion that since they've made other friends at
uni, they couldn't give a shit about us two now. i mean,
whenever they come back, LG moans on about how much work to
do...it's almost like it's an effort for her to see us. now
sara's turning like that. i was gonna go through on monday,
but she said something to the effect of "well, ucan, but
i've got loadsa work to do and i've only got 61 quid", when
normally she'd jump at the chance of us coming through. it's
almost like we're just not important to them anymore. it
kinda feels like we're becoming aquaintinces now. ya know
what, i could write how wrong, heartbreaking & all the rest
it is, but it's they're choice at the end of the day. if
they wanna lose two of the best friends they'll ever have,
then so be it. something in me says "do something about it",
but WHY? it's always ME. so no. i refuse. we'll probably be
going to laura's on friday night, because i'm SURE she
doesn't have the nerve to turn around and say "i've got too
much work to do", when she knows she won't see us at the
weekend. i'm gonna pull her up about it, there. ben says
he's gonna add in a few of his own "additions", which is
good. he's speaking his mind, for a change. it's gonna be
directed towards SA, aswell, but mainly, it seems like this
is all LG's doing.

my life seems so boring. spend hours on this thing. go out
for a drink on the weekend. watch tv. listen to music.
nothing seems exciting anymore.


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