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2005-11-23 13:42:05 (UTC)

Tiffy's Diary-The unknown chapter 7

Hate 2A!! I miss 1A....Why I always regret when everything
became history? So...what should I do now...I dont want to
go to school..I dont want to be at home....I want to stay
outside alone or with my dearest friend(s)
teacher ..only
My home is just like a place only for me to sleep...a
place where I can stuff my things... and a place that have
food for me to eat....
My school is just like a place only for me to study ...a
place where I can feel how weak I was ..and a place that
helps me to put my scattered memories together...
What so special about this place?I hate it!I want back my
orginal school home .... where I wont hate... I dont
hate TLGC...I only hate my class (I think) ....

Anyone can give me some luck?

Bad luck is always following me...3

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