DayDream Believer
2005-11-23 13:36:56 (UTC)

Happy-happy times

I did not hear from S* son Satturday night, but Im stil in
this incredeble mood. Sometimes I cant stop smiling at all!
I cant remember the last time I feelt this good, but I know
I have previosly.
Yesterday as I was walking I said to my self, this is how it
feels to be happy, remeber this.
I have so much energy now and is not as scared as usal,
things always end up allright in the end afther all, dont
The only thing Im stressed about is to find a now home. I
need my own home. I talked with Tommy about it, and its
allright for him that Im leaving his place. I feel I have
the right to, since he have not LOVED in two years now. He
think he might come afther me, but Im not so sure. I need to
be LOVED, and have fun. At least I have one of the two at
the moment.
Everything is ready, monny, stuff, all I need is a nice, not
to expencive place to put it and Im there.