slave jess

Journal of Joels slave
2005-11-23 21:09:23 (UTC)

sub diary 23-11-05


another day without contact with Master. sighs. i am
missing Master so much. last week when i failed to keep in
contact with Master in my mind this was the best for Him
but now that i am thinking clear again i really hate to go
with out contact for too long, especially as soon i wont
have the means for chatting and even phone contact will
have to be via cell phones...expensive and not that
reliable. oh well i am sure i can overcome this darkness.

my day was hot and very busy today. summer is upon us here
and the beaches will be closes soon due to marine stingers.
i love the beach and the surf and i do wonder what the
beches & surf is like where Master lives. i dont think
there is any :D this Master will clear up when He contacts
me next i am sure.

i had a rough night last night so i plan on heading off
early tonight. knowing that in a couple days i will be
alone and able to follow Masters tasks to the finest detail
makes it harder to wait for. i know that sounds strange
but the closer it becomes the more anxious i become.

love to all,
love to Master,
but love to me.
slave jess {MJ}