The Quest that is my future
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2005-11-23 00:41:55 (UTC)

#3: Maybe I should just face the facts:

I dunno, but maybe I should just accept the fact that my
situation right now is hopeless.

I have a calculus-midterm on thurs. and a computer science
assignment due tommorow. I'm not done with my computer
science assignment mainly because I have no clue what is
going on! And I'm spending a lot of time on that...I'm also
spending some time on my math, but not as much as I want to.
Grrr...this is hopeless!!!!

I'm just going to be done with my CS assignment they can
fail me if they want to. I don't care.

Hopefully I won't fail math, too bad that's what's going to

This week sucks...someone run me over...

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