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2005-11-22 21:02:16 (UTC)


For all you jackass opposition parties who want to bring
down the government soon?

I hope you do it.

I hope you bring them down hard, force and election in
January and then get your fucking asses spanked like
nobody's business.

You can't wait 3 fucking months to have an election? You
can't wait until April? You must really be running
scared. Idiots. Don't fucking tell me you aren't playing
politics. I've never heard something as stupid as that.
All it is is politics. That's all it ever is, but this...
this is just egregious and stupid. You know that by the
time April comes around people might remember the Grits are
the only choice for the country because, aside from this
being a fairly socially liberal country in the seats that
really count (that's harsh, I know, but also true), YOU ARE
come near you or your wife with a ten thousand foot pole,
smarmy and sleazy, the both of you. Stephen Harper? My
god, man. You are head of the major opposition to the
Grits in this country and yet you STILL can't find a way to
parlay the appearance of Liberal malfeasance and
incompetance and scandal into significant gains for your
own party. You are lifeless, dull, boring and, worst of
all, you seem stupid and slow and ... did I mention
boring? It's pathetic. It's really pathetic. I could run
your party with more charisma, and the only blue my blood
bleeds is for the Toronto Maple Leafs. What's your excuse,
Stephen, for being so ... so much like sawdust on a
woodshop's floor? And Giles...Monsieur Deceppe...you might
have the charisma, but you only run in one province, in a
province that claims it doesn't want to be a province when
the going gets tough, but that doesn't necessarily want
outright separation. The only thing I ever agreed with
Mulroney on (well, one of the only thigns): You can't
treat Canada like a cafeteria...you aren't going to win a
federal election - and I really doubt you would even want

ARGH, it makes me so very fucking frustrated. ENOUGH. I
hope you bring down the government and then get your
fucking heads handed to you on a fucking platter.



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