Soul Flares
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2005-11-21 22:48:44 (UTC)


Woo to finally joining the working class! I can tell my mom
is kind of upset about "her baby" working already, but I
think it has more to do with me being more responsable than
my siblings were and it makes her worry. I can just tell
from what she says to me that she doesn't want me to think
that I need this job; but I do. She doesn't want me to be
the mother, to take care of everyone and everything like I
am; but she needs me to. Everyone needs me to and it's not
something that could have been prevented. Besides I need the
money since I no longer get an allowance; not that it was
must seeing as it was only 5$ a week anyway. Now I'm making
much better money. ^_^ woo!

Finally some good news to write about, it seems like all I
do is complain in this thing, but it is a dairy, and that is
what this is for more or less. Still it's good to throw in a
high note once in a while. Woo being able to earn money!
Speaking of which I go to work at 6 tonight, it's craziness!