Dragon Eyes And Angel Wings
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2005-11-21 21:25:59 (UTC)


So last night I was over at Matts house. We smoked a joint
and were just talking and relaxing and watching tv and
somehow we got on the topic of Teresa. He asked me if i
could tell him a little bit about her if it wasnt too
difficult for me. So i started telling him what she was
like and how we became friends etc, and then i told him
about the funeral and that it was probably the hardest
thing i've ever had to experience. Especially with the
fact that Alex had only left a few months before that. I
told him how i was a totally different person then and
slumped into a bit of a depression. I didnt even want to
talk to my poor mom, who was going through a hard enough
time as it was considering that the man in her life of 15
years had left her. My voice got pretty shaky a few times
while i wss telling him this but i didn't cry. Which is
surprising. The whole time he just sat and listened to me.
And then when i couldnt think of anything else to say...
or maybe i didnt want to say anything else in fear of
revealing too much to him, he wrapped me in his arms and
just hugged me. It felt so good. It was such a genuine
hug.So that was a pretty intense part of the night. But
then we got onto lighter topics. And somehow we decided we
should go see if the sex store was open. So at 11:30 at
night on a sunday we drove to it and it was open.. (24
hours 7 days a week apparently) So we walked around and
had a good laugh at some stuff etc.It was a good time.
Anyways im freezing and I've gotta wash the higlights out
of my hair now.

-Dragon Eyes*