Just a small bird wanting to fly

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2005-11-20 17:58:08 (UTC)

Can't Sleep

I can't sleep....

I was thinking about u... I should have not talked about
you when my friends brought up our painful story....I
thought I have get over you to the point I am not bothered
about you anymore...

I know you are trying to reach me back with all those fake
profiles... such a coward... why can't u just contact me ?
too ashame to contact me ?

You have her right... and that's all that matter.. God
knows what you are planning with her... wedding..?
engagedment ? or have you ?

I just want to settle down with someone quickly too...
have my own kid and then forget about you totally...

I hope that one day... when people ask me about you... I
wouldnt even remember our story .... or even remember

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