slave jess

Journal of Joels slave
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2005-11-20 20:34:10 (UTC)

sub diary 20-11-05


sunday is the best work day..only four hours. i rushed
home from work in hope of chatting with Master but due to
Oour last late night i realised that Master would be at

i prepared the evening meal and cleaned up before logging
in again. Master was online but still tired. i was also a
little tired due to disturbed sleep. Master sent me a link
to an article on a pedophile cult in Australia. i was aware
of it already. i also had sent Master a pick of a huge
snake as both Master & i do not like snakes at all.

Master had ordered that i learn to knee properly so He has
explained how He likes to be knelt before Him. i have now
to practice what He has told me. it is not difficult the
first two ways. Master then wanted me to kneel
before "Him" and to use my vibe for Him then to use my
smaller one anally until i am pleasured. i used both vibes
which brought on a very powerful cum. i had a small
incident when i did the splits. comes from being very
flexible when younger and staying in shape. i still need
to get used to anal play more. i am sure i will grow to
crave it but right now i am still getting over the
resistance while alone. i do like it. i did my nightly
ritual which Master has permitted me to modify until i have
my privacy back. tonight i cuddled into my Master
substitute which is an over sized pillow.

i love You Master
slave jess {MJ}

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