slave jess

Journal of Joels slave
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2005-11-20 00:36:13 (UTC)

sub diary 18-11-05


i am feeling much better. the prescribed medication is
beginning to take effect. Master is a little concerned as
to the effect it may have on my libido. He & i managed to
chat again today. i had been upset by an earlier incident
and Master was able to offer me some sound advice as to
handle it. i love to read other diaries and at times i come
across a few that are disturbing. His advice is simple i
am to promise not to go back into any diaries that
disturbed me.

Master also found some photos of me in one of His email
acounts that i had sent a while ago. i had wondered why
He hadnt mentioned them before. We also talked about my
appearance and Master made me feel so warm inside when He
told me that He loves me for my internal beauty and not my
outer appearance. i was a little concerned if Master would
punish me if i put on weight.

Master also have decided that He needs to take more control
and order in my life. i feel He is correct. my life is
spiralling out of control at the present time.

i love You Master,
slave jess {MJ}

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