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2005-11-17 18:45:10 (UTC)

Things might be falling into plan...

Here's what's on the agenda:
-I will have health insurance starting Feb. 1st
-I got admitted into Phi Thetta Kappa
-Got hostess job at Giordannos
-Found Massage school within budget
-My dad really has a job now

So yeah, this means that they will actually be able to
make payments on everything I do believe.

I'm trying to configure my schedule to have massage class
on the weekends, school in the mornings and work in the
evenings. With the IT certificate I might change jobs for
something secreterial. I'd prefer to do this in the
evening since I work better at night, and study better
during the day. But most of such jobs are 9 to 5. We'll
see what happens. I am getting some income. This I need.
Just need the first 500 atleast. Something saved up so
that I can pile that stuff away.

I like working at Giordanno's it's fun. The people are
nice, I can drink sit down, greeting people is fun. Taking
orders over the phone is simple. The only thing I worry
about is questions that are out of my league, things that
come with practice, and making sure I write clearly and
according to the system so that the cooks can understand

I gotta get started on writing more scripts. I done some
writing, but I stumble in the process of putting realistic
things together. Even more, just putting things together.
I should just do an experamental session where I write
every day for a week, about half an hour 20 minutes or so
of freewriting. Then put all this together, take out what
sticks out, and see if there's a common bond. Then start
building on all that. Get some creative writing together
that will lead any further writing into certain ways
paving the way to new ideas in an organized fashion.
Finally I'll get a scene or a few. Put them together with
some glue writing and start playing with other media. Play
with sound and how that would effect where the story goes,
colors, cinematography, actors, fights, a certain object,
something like that to make it all come together into one
final piece.

And there.

Leave that piece of writing, start on something else, see
where else that goes. Three pieces down the line come back
to the original script. Then however aggrivating it would
be, change it. Then give it to somebody to read, analyze
and give input in. This would have to be someone who can
input on the selection. This can't just be somebody who I
wouldn't be able to work with later.

I'm thinking of going home and making pizza.

Yeah I'll do that. Who knows if they'll feed me early at
work or not.