Too Much to Say
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2005-11-16 18:55:10 (UTC)

The Holiday Season

i'm so excited for the holidays! i love holiday food, and
quality time with family, and baking, and christmas music,
and christmas spirit, and all just makes
me so happy! i don't know why so many people find the
holidays so stressful... i guess if you're doing
everything for the wrong reasons it would be. but i just
love it! i really want to do something special this year,
like feed the homeless or buy presents for little kids, or
help out at Women In Need, or do the cloth-a-child thing at
walmart. i just have this itch, this overwhelming need to
do something...ANYTHING for someone other than myself. i
want to give something of myself. i want this christmas to
be special not because of all the stuff i got, but because
of all the stuff i gave.

i want life to not be about ME for a while. and not only
to not be about me, but to go a step further and make it
about someone else. i want God to help me give until i
have nothing left to give. i know i can't do it on my
own. i know there will be days when i feel selfish and
whiny, but i want...i NEED God to help me push through

i want to make a difference.

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