The First Tear

TEars: Good and Bad
2005-11-14 01:58:52 (UTC)

Humming along. lol

Dear diary

Howdy! Im just sittin' here huming along to Candy Shop.
lol. Hmmm. lol. I love this song. It's so happy. hehehe. I
like happy songs. they make me happy, most of the time. lol
I'm still so happy. cody and I are doing great. :) I still
haven't told Joey, I tried to but, I just couldn't. I
dunno. Oh well. I'm still happy. He got off work about two
hours ago but, he still hasn't called and he's not online.
lol. Oh well. I'm sure he iwll later or something. :) It's
all good. I'm not going to be overbaring with him. I
promise myself that.

Tricia is sitting here on the bed with Randy. So cute. I
guess. I think I'm gonna make this short though. I'm
feelin' uncomfortable. lol. I dunno what they're talkin'
about. Ah well. I think i'm gonna go back tom y room and
see if cody is online. I'll write back later. bye bye

Love ya lots