breaking away
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2005-11-13 00:35:27 (UTC)

old people..& Party Ditchers...

Well Yesterday.. the band performed at this Parade well the
veterand parade.. SO MUCH FUN!!. haha.. not!!... damn that
was the most boring parade ever!...and HOT... the old people
were just there like WTF is this.. LOL.. and I was going to
pass out casue I was so fucking thirsty!!.. well anyways..
while doing the pardade.. louie, and alexia came so close in
hitting 2 cars cause they are conducting us backwards.. and
well there were cars on the street.. so yea..funny..! after
school.. the leadership team and the first band had to
perform at the buvks game.. that was pointless.. all we did
was the starspangled banner and this army solute thingy on
the ice.. that was cool... but afterwards.. there were still
like 2 quartes left.. but mayery and I were like screw
that!.. I was supposed to go to this party with her.. but I
kind of was not invited.. so I coulndt go casue u had to
have the invitation.. so yea I was at home all.. bored..
when louie called me.. I was like hmm.. :) and he was like
Rachel I am bored and I was wondering if we could go to ur
house' me, clari, and mayery".. I was like YES DUDE! lol I
was so damn bored! so they came well.. mayery and louie
cause clari didnt wanna come.. oh well.. but yea they came
we talked for a while then we played hide and seek in the
dark! super fun.. yea.. those bitches scared me... more than
once...well becasue it was pitch dark in the house.. it was
a cool day I likd it.. it surprised me cause louie wanted
top come ovcer.. to my house.. nad left.. that person there
and I thought it was different between them to.. but yea..
it was fun..and now I am getting ready to go this orchestra
concert.. :).. I wanted to do somehting afterwards.. but
no.. uriel, louie,john, and gavi are going to a get
togehter.. of course I am not invited.. ugh.. but I guess...
maybe I can go.. I hope please... :S... but whatever.. yea..
lol.. I have to go now... bye!

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