The First Tear

TEars: Good and Bad
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2005-11-12 21:35:06 (UTC)


Dear Diar

Oh my god! It's official! Cody Blake Westbrooks is my
boyfriend. OH geeze! I'm so happy. It was so sweet. He
said he had been thinking about it for a few days now. I
know he is kind of nervous cause of his part relaionship.
I just odn't think he realizes that I would NEVER do
anything to hurt him. Exspecially cheating. I learned that
lesson. lol. NEVER!

Spekaing of cheating, Tricia is freakin' flippin' out caus
she's afraid that Randy might be cheating on her. Dammit!
They've only been together for two days if that. Geeze!
That makes me so mad. She came i n here last night and
said some stuff about Randy and how she didn't trust him.
I'm pretty sure it struck a nerve with Cody...bad. lol. He
was about to go off but, thank God he understands hints. I
was..mmm mmm no no ....mmm. mm..." lol. Oh well. Thier
relationship is doomed if she doesn't trust him...right? I
mean I trust Cody. He's given me no reason not to. Ya
know? Yeah. So, I dunno. I want it to work for tricia's
sake but, not if she's gonna act liek that. In my opinion
Rnady shouldn't be FORCED into kissing her and hse making
such a big ass deal about it. I mean, Cody didn't kiss me
the first night so...I dunno. Rnady just seems really shy.
Poor thing. I dunno. I hope he opens up a little bit or
Tricia may jsut dump him. Gosh.

Anywyas, enough of that bullshit. lol. I'm so happy right
now! I called home to tell mom but, she was in the shower.
lol. I"m gonna call her back as soon as I finish this
entry. I'm hopin' she'll be happy. :) I know I am. And as
far as I'm concerned...I'm NOT transferring. I wanna stay
so bad now. :) I really think this will be a good semster
next semester. I'll hopefully be out of the dorm and yeah!
That'll solve a big problem right there. OH well. I dont'
care about drama right now. I"m jsut happy!!!!

Well, I'll let you go. I need to call mom back real fast.
I"ll talk to you later and write back when I feel like it.
See ya! bye bye

Love ya ltos

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