Courtney Phillips

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2005-11-12 19:51:05 (UTC)

Saturday with Nothing to Do

Bleeeh, a boring Saturday with NOTHING to do. I mean, I
suppose I could practice violin...but my arm hurts from
doing that already and i don't really want to. I could
read, I love reading except my english teacher made me get
this REALLY DUMB book to read, called "Childhood's End" and
it was written in like 1950 or something and it's about the
future. It's dumb. Just plain dumb.

We where supposed to read "classic books" and APPARENTLY
Stephen King is not a classic. I say "Carrie" IS a
classic, but apparently not. Which sucks, becuase Carrie is
awesome. I wanna be some telekenetic outcast that kills
everyone. no fair. (hahaha, jk) anyway, I updated my
photobucket today and have this AWESOME picture of Emo boys
HOT! Yeah, I have a thing for Emo boys. Go figure. I also
have a thing for Billie Joe, but let's not get into that

Ok, I also think I might like Adam. I mean LIKE
Adam...*nudge, nudge* as in MORE than a friend. But I'm
really, honestly not sure. Because we're such great friends
now, and if we went out, and broke up, then that would KILL
the friendship (like what happened with David) and I REALLY
don't want that to happen again, so I am literally AFRAID
of liking him as more than a friend, because I know it'll
end up with LOSING him as a friend. Gaaaah!!! I am so
weird! And confused!

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