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2005-11-11 17:29:51 (UTC)


Ok, so yesterday at lunch Lauren had to go to a flute
sectional. And I have NOOO idea where Amanda was. (turned
out, she was in the cafeteria) Anyway, so Bekah and I are
eating lunch and everything when Ashley comes (Yay, we
found another one of our "group".) Anyway, Ashley went to
go get lunch, and Bekah stayed with her while I went to the
library. They said they'd be there right after they ate
lunch (like 5 minutes or something) Well...they never
showed up. So I was at my little table thing reading,
(what's new?). I wasn't angry or anything that they never
showed up, I just figured they had to go do something or
whatever. Anyway, I just read my book and Adam came over,
which is way cool because then I had someone to talk to,
turns out he has to go to Seattle today for some big rowing
race thing, and apparently Seattle sucks, but I wouldn't
know seeing how I've never been there before. So, we're
just talking and whatever, and then after the bell rings,
we walk together all the way over to the stairs, and he
gives me a hug. Awww...sweet, huh?

So I don't really know, does he like me? Or was he just
being friendly? God, guys are so confusing sometimes.

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