Nick's Journal
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2005-11-11 02:36:14 (UTC)


i'm listening to that song '1985'. nobody knows this, but
this is truly the anthem of a generation. it is a song that
pinpoints the shortcomings of the current "adults". oh
lord. so how bout that rudeness?
i read some lame ass post articles lately about how people
were being less civil. then that uptight bitch (lynne
truss) decided to profit off of it. at first i was loathe
to even look in the direction, it had the vibe of the usual
"the youth is running away with our testicles so we must
condemn them" stigma.
but you know what? people are being assholes. no joke. i
understand the inequity of me reporting this. not only am i
a misanthropic sociopath (a redundancy i'm sure) living in a
teeming metropolis, but i'm sorry that is the only sample
size i have.
you won't believe this and i told juliann last night, i am
actually a very decent person. not a good person by any
means. but here is what i do. i ALWAYS give my seat up to
anyone who looks 60 or older (younger than that and they are
offended). i always hold the door for others. but more
over i smiled.
"that creepy ass smile?"
juliann asked me.
i smile with my eyes, in mouth never moves. i
look at people and i can FEEL it (i swear i'm not high right
now), but i can FEEL my demeanor change. i just try to
convey my sympathy for any plight in the world with my eyes.
anyhowwwwwwww, rudeness. yes it is present. i remember so
vividly this one instance. this one woman was running down
the stairs to get to a train and the other was coming up,
and they collided....hard.
the first said, "hey watch where yo going girl!"
the second said, "get-the-fuck-out-of-my-way"
completely deadpan and without any inflection, and that
bothered me. i mean jesus, that was pure hatred.
i happened to read this "bowling alone" book by robert
putnam and it talks about how the societal bonds are
disintegrating and i truly believe it. people are acting
like this because there is no societial obligatory standard.
they don't see any reciprocity in niceness.
you know why all of those ridiculous hippie "riots" look so,
ludicruous? why i make fun of them? because this
anti-social behavior in everyday affairs and self-serving
validation (known as 'contributions') have dampened the
'movement'. cynics like myself feast on the inequities of
the people who will bond together for a formal occasion yet
fall apart for a common cause.