2005-11-11 01:28:40 (UTC)

Fuck you and your untouchable face. . .

Fuck you, for existing in the first place, and who am i
that I should be vying for your touch, who am i somebody
just tell me that much. - Ani Difranco

It's a great song. 'i could make you happy, if you weren't
already. I could do a lot of things. and I do.' haha.
ahhhhh..... the forces of life are a bully and I am being
constantly shoved into my locker. haha such a bad metaphor.

Another man rant, I'm warning everyone.

I'm home right now. home home. hometown home. i just had a
lovely time with this guy, the one i've been ranting
about, on tuesday evening, and then, wednesday evening,
had to deal with his girlfriend's company for most of the
day. ouch.

What's the male counterpart of the word 'slut'?

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