Withered Rose

...Ashes, ashes, they all fall DOWN...
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2005-11-11 01:03:16 (UTC)

You Lied

I hate to say it
But you lied to me
I don't blame you
Though I trusted you
This doesn't change us
I still trust you
Just not when it comes to certain things
Because you don't know yourself
You have to be cautious and careful
Your past experiences haunt you
You probably didn't want me to worry
But I know you
And you are talented
You are adorable
You are loveable
You are most certainly huggable
And you're not a failure
You are worth loving
You are of value
Most specially to me
Because I love you
I love you so much.
And I'll never stop.


Again, could have been better.

Now go eat a ginger snap!

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