Withered Rose

...Ashes, ashes, they all fall DOWN...
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2005-11-11 00:57:05 (UTC)


Thank you, Mom.
Thank you for everything.
You give me selfless love
You do anything and everything in your power for me
You feel my pain, and I know you want to take it all away
Sadly, no one can
But you give me hope that one day my pain will be relieved
On my list for all my reasons to live
You and Dad are number one
You are always there
You always care
You are self-sacrificing
You are healing hands
You are a gypsy dancer
You are a love child
You are beautiful
Most of all, you are my mum
Thank you for that one particular role you hold
And know that I love you, and I need you
So you are not allowed to die
You'll always be with me
I sentence you to immorality.


And, yes, I can do that. I've sentenced 5 people now. Two of
us decided we're not going to die, I told the others they
aren't. Muah haha.

*Should I show my mum this poem?


I showed my mum this for Mother's Day or something a while
back. She thought it was perfect, especially the "gypsy


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