Nick's Journal
2005-11-09 04:19:44 (UTC)

There are never any sane people using the phones at the metro

yep, yep, in the midst of law school applications. which
basically means that on top of my nine hour job i get to
spend the rest of my waking hours (i'm having a way too
disproptionate amount of those) filling out tedious forms
and making damn sure that i didn't happen to miss some
stupid little check box in the process.
you know most people will come out here and do what i always
hate. they'll say, "oh man, whatever you do, just don't
apply to law schoo!!! oh no, oh gosh." come the fuck on,
it's not that bad, sure it takes a bitchin' amount of time
and you have to write these gay statements of purpose in
which you pretend that in your free time you breast feed
dying cancer patients while walking blind dogs in wheel
chairs; but hey, it's not that bad.
so i just got back from a trip to atlantic city with my
former roommate dave. dave and i spent basically our entire
college life together (2 years in the same room), and he had
it right when he said on saturday morning as we were each
scratchin' our nuts and drinking beer,
"you know how when someone comes over and spends the night
that you sort of know, and you kind of get into that
awkward, using their bathroom phase of the morning? well i
think we have that part taken care of."
and it's true, as we sat there basically waiting to get
arrested by the local law enforcement after having played
the ole, 'i bet i can snort cocaine off of the backs of more
dead hookers than you can' game, i realized that we were WAY
past that part.
we ended up going to atlantic city that day and gambled for
a while. atlantic city is sort of like a woman who is a
gold digger. she figures she'll open herself wide to get
fucked because at least there will be good money coming in.
well after a while this woman realizes that nothing but a
bunch of dead-beats are hittin' her and that her friend has
been getting all of the good clientele, all because another
hooker friend had played her and won.
either way it was great and on monday i didn't get my
hang-over until about 4 pm that afternoon, now that's when
you know you've had a great time, when it takes a full day
to come off the drugs and alcohol to even develop the
feeling of having a monkey's ass on your face. anyhow,
there i was feeling like vomiting when i noticed some guy
hanging on the pay phone for dear life saying the following,
"yo, yo man, yo, yo, you gotta pick me the FUCK UP right
now!! i mean now man, yeah, no, yo, yo, man there are
fucking rabbits..."
with this the guy trailed off. i noticed he looked like the
usual crazed homeless man who used that pay phone. in fact,
i had never seen a normal upstanding citizen throw in two
quarters to say, check on the kids. nope apparently anyone
who uses that phone must be so high on crack that they
believe that rabbits were a major problem in their lives.
oh well back to these fucking applications.