Courtney Phillips

Courtney's Insanity
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2005-11-09 04:18:53 (UTC)


Finally! After rain for almost a WHOLE WEEK...the SUN comes
out! Oh Yay! Anyway, a pretty boring day. I never do like
Blue days. David still isn't talking to me, well hey, if
he'd rather hang out with that sorry excuse for a girl,
Phlegm. Then be it. In fact, if he's even going to talk to
her, I'd rather not talk to him. She's so horrible. She
tries so hard to make me mad, to make me upset. It's so
uncivilized the way she plays this little game of hers.

But hey, karma is soooo gonna kick her in the ass one of
these days. And I'll be there to point and laugh when it

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