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2005-11-09 01:09:50 (UTC)

That's What Friends Are For - Part 1a

That's What Friends Are For - Part 1 A (Enduring Truth-
Pastor Paul Sheppard)

The special relationship between Jonathan and David; seven
traits of godly friendships.
(1 Samuel 18:1-4)

1. You can do the will of God in your lifetime, but
you can't do it alone. You cannot be a healthy and
successful Christian when you are alone. You must
understand the important role other people will play in
the will of God in your life.
2. Apostle Paul said that we through patience and
comfort of the scriptures might have hope. (That we would
learn the lessons of how we should live)
3. You can learn from somebody's failures as well as
their successes. (What not to do)
4. The enemy is real and he comes against God's
people. But if we will be submitted to God, full of faith
and determination to see the will of God done we can
experience victory over every enemy because the Bible says
that greater is He that's in us than he that is in the
5. We have to learn not to be afraid of the enemy,
but we do have to be mindful of him so as not to be
ignorant of his devices, so we will know how to fight the
good fight of faith. For he is under our feet and God
gives us victory.
6. Take special note odf David's relationship with
7. Jonathan was a might warrior in his own right. He
was a man that was not afraid of a fight, was not afraid
of a challenge. And he took on the enemy and fought until
he won. When he loses a battle he doesn't get discouraged,
when things look bad he doesn't get discouraged. He has a
lot of fight in him and his attitude was "It's not
over, 'til I win!"
8. That's the attitude that we all should have. You
get knocked down, just don't stay down. Don't be so
disappointed that you're knocked down - that you don�t get
9. Jonathan although it seemed logical, because he
was Saul's so, that he was next line to be the next king.
But that's not God's plan. God rejected Saul and had the
prophet, Samuel, anoint David as the next king. What
Jonathan does is establish a relationship with the man who
is going to be the most significant figure in the life of
Israel for years to come.
10. What we must do is understand how important our
relationships are as we seek the will of God. Until we get
our relationships straight; in a very real sense we can't
get where God is trying to take us. We've gpt tp get the
relationships of our life really on firm footing. We have
to make sure our relationships are doing those things
which God would have accomplished in our lives.
11. Point #1 - Jonathan became one in spirit with
David (vs. 1). Several traits of their relationship ought
to part of our relationships. The first is oneness.
12. We love to pretend like we are so super-spiritual
in this generation of Christian that all we need is the
Holy Spirit and the Bible. Folks who are worshipping
as "Bedroom Baptists" on Sundays. They don't go to church,
they stay home. They feel they don't need the body of
Christ - they don't need personal relationships with
13. They feel "I have the Holy Spirit - I have the
Bible that's all I need." You are saved because somebody
prayed for you - it doesn't have to be somebody you knew -
but someone prayed for you. Not only that somebody told
you salvation was available to you.
14. When we are born again - we are born into a
family. You need somebody to teach you the ABC's, the
123's of Christ.
15. When we are born again - we are born into a
family. You need somebody to teach you the ABC's, the
123's of Christ. A body with whom we can walk in unity
with, in oneness with. Because you need them and as you
grow they will need you.
16. Throughout the Bible God has always made sure
that His prophets and His servants always had significant
help and companionship at key moments in their lives. You
need someone walking with you - you need someone in
support of what God's doing in your life. You need someone
who can pray for you - someone who can minister to you.
17. That's who we need in our life. People who can go
where we can't go; people who can do what we can't do.
(John the Baptist's disciples). While you fight they can
pray; while you rest they can intercede for you. They can
be there when you need them.

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