Jack's Twisted Kingdom
2005-11-08 20:07:41 (UTC)

days of rain and sunshine

After a couple of days of seeing Amanda, a girl
who remarkably resembles my Mandy in some
very seriously physical ways, I'm thusly amused
by the fact, that I have had great sex with her
on no less than 6 times in the last 3 days.
I'm certain to a fairly specific degree that if
Mandy and I were to have sex, it would probably
be much the same, awesome, frantic, and by
and large, pretty fucking amazing.

Unfortunately, I can this relationship with Amanda
going nowhere. It really can't. It's almost tragic in
a way, but, it's really also quite predictably sad.

I think she knows it too, but likes the sex anyways,
which I suppose is a plus, so we'll see if this lasts
much longer than a couple of weeks. It's nice to
finally not be alone, I think it's the intamacy of
it that makes me want to try to make it work, but
the reality is, it isn't going to.

I'd like to get married, I think. I think it's more or
less, that I'd prefer to not have to date anymore. I
saw some wedding pics of fern, and I was quite
taken aback, about how much, I'd like that. I don't
think, however that I'm the marrying type.

Brianna, whom I've lusted over for years, I'm finally
talking to, she's alot more interesting to talk to online
than what I'd been expecting, and she's funny too.
She reminds me of a dove basking in the sunlight. It
doesn't hurt, that she's quite gorgeous, and her wit
is something I can only imagine is quite scathing once
you get on her bad side.

At some point, I'm gong to move from Ottawa, hopefully
soon, probably some time in the next few months, maybe
I'll go back to edmonton, or to vancouver.. It's about time
it happened. I'm pretty fucking annoyed with living here,
although I managed to move into a place thats quite
cozy, and the rent is cheap and my roommates are all,
as eccentric and cool as I could have hoped for.

Sunday was rain, today is Sunshine. Yesterday was neither.