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2005-11-08 15:29:58 (UTC)

"it s great when two strangers..

"it's great when two strangers become friends, but it's so
sad when two friends become strangers"

i agree with the above quote so, so much. i'm obviously
talking about scott, here. it's so weird. i walked past him
in the corridor today & said "hi", to which he replied
"alright mate". we then just continued walking our own
seperate ways. it's heartbreaking. especially due to the
fact that we share so many memories with each other. i guess
we've just moved on. i'd love to talk to him, though. even
if it was just for an hour. i literally don't know anything
about him, anymore. i saw him with his girlfriend the other
day, i mean, scott with a girlfriend?! who'd have thought? i
want to ring him, because he came round and thanked me for
the card i sent him a few weeks back, but it'll feel like
i'm just pestering him. he said something like "you'll have
to give me a ring. i'll see what i can do". apparantly he's
busy all the time doing "stuff", these days. *sigh*...i miss
him, though. i really do.

i may be forced to leave college. my re teacher says she
refuses to teach me, because i've missed too much work, so
this'll now leave me doing only A2 english and AS english
lit, which isn't a proper course. they won't let me pick up
an AS, either, because it's mid-november, so i'd have 3
months worth of work to catch up with, and i'm already
behind. i think i may just leave & return to do my a2's next
september. i don't want to, but it looks like i've got no
choice. what will i do in the meantime? probably get a job,
and save some money up, until next year. we'll see how
things pan out within the next few days, though.


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