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2005-11-08 05:02:23 (UTC)

The Adventures of Zellers

So. First things first. Today was actually a pretty good
day. I didn't get bitched at in drama...there's a bit of
snow because it snowed last night...math was ok even
though I failed my unit exam and only have a 59% average
(gulp!) and chem was ok too. And me and Kayla went to
Katies for lunch. I think things are getting a bit better
in that area. It wasn't all that awkward. Grant didn't
speak a word to me or Kayla today. And Katie told us that
in English he asked her if she was mad at him. And then I
was like "Oh yeah he said I turned all our friends on
him..." And Elise was like "What's up with Grant, Nicole?
He doesn't ever talk to me anymore." And I was like "Oh
yeah he thinks everybody hates him and it's all my fault.
Sorry about that." And rolled my eyes as I told her what
was going on. Yeah so that was pretty gay. But I didn't
have to deal with him or anything today because I guess he
really did mean it when he says he doesn't need me anymore.

OK I gotta go so I gotta be quick.
So Shachi quit at Zellers. I was handing in my sheet for
taking afew days off for drama and whatnot, and I saw her
shirt and nametag and it made me sad. Then I saw her. She
came into Zellers. And I had a customer so I couldn't
really talk but she was like "I quit." And I was like "I
know :( " And she hugged me and told me she'd come visit.
So that made me sad. Her and Ashley...the two people I got
hired and trained with. And I'm the only one left.

On a better note today I worked at the front with
Chantelle and Shannon. Pretty much a gong show. haha. Good
times. And Tara was supervising. So it was all fun. And
yeah. The Loss Prevention Officer guy was there too. And
yeah. haha I'm pretty sure he knows that I know who he
actually is. And there was 3 teen girls caught stealing.
It made me laugh. And the police came. lol.

Anyways I gotta go. Later!