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2005-11-07 23:13:35 (UTC)

I'm Going Home

I'm happy. Everything is okay. I'm passing. I can eat. I
love being disorganized, because i randomly find money
lying around the house. So, for today, I've just made $200
for cleaning out my backpack. Go me. I shall convince
myself to clean up just for the monetary compensation. I
love my screwed up view of life.

My new university friend. It's funny. We're from the same
hometown, and had never seen each other before. Still, we
had pretty well the same circle of friends. We figured
this out today. After 3 months of school. Small world.
Somehow we managed to never run into each other while
hanging out with the same people. I marvel at the world
and all of its weirdness.

I have to work today. Creepy manager likes me a little too
much, but now I'm using it to my advantage. He keeps
hitting on me, which is funny, because I ain't exactly
what you picture on a magazine cover. Anyhoo, I've got
this pretty much solved, though. I'm creeping him out
right back. Haha. I am evil. I love it.

Must run. Home tomorrow. Life makes sense. I feel good.
I love myself today (not like yesterday, hah!)