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2005-11-07 19:18:25 (UTC)


Blind her eyes
She doesn’t need to see
Strong enough to bleed
You are what makes me weak
Somehow it always slips away

I try…
I try…

Strong enough to fake
Smile as you watch me fade
Try to crawl away
Sewn my mouth shut
No words today

Where did all this come from?
Too curious cut my tongue
I don’t want to say a thing
I messed up again
I tried…
I tried…
I tried to sing

Take away her heart
She doesn’t need to feel this
Give her this black sickness
Seal it with a kiss
I can’t stand that noise in my head
I’m covered
And the sheets are stained so red
I messed up again

Make it all just go away
It burns
Its burning my skin
It burns till I have nothing left
No, I’ve done it again
I tried…
I cried
I died again

Take her voice
Nothing she said ever mattered
My broken fingers can’t pick up the pieces
Struggling but I can’t do this
There she is weak and pale
Here I am
Always seeming to fail

Strong enough to lie still and wait
You are what makes me break
I don’t need anything to lose
Give her back her mind
Let her think this time
I can’t do this
I tried